Mathematical Journal

Institute of Mathematics’ “Mathematical Journal” is a periodical devoted to the publication of original research papers and research notes in the fields of pure and applied mathematics as well as information on scientific life, scientific biographies, and reviews. Papers can be submitted in Russian or English. Abstracts of papers will be placed on in the section “Mathematical Journal”.


A paper intended for publication in “Mathematical Journal” must satisfy the following requirements:

Two printed copies of the paper must be submitted. Besides, it is necessary to submit a diskette with the LATEX file of the paper or send the file by e-mail to

A reseach paper should not exceed 20 printed pages, a research note 6 printed pages and an abstract 0,5 printed pages.

Two printed copies of an abstract should be attached.

On the first page it is necessary to indicate the index of Mathematics Subject Classification (in the left upper corner), the title of the paper, surnames of authors.

Numbered formulas must be written in separate lines.

References should be formed according to their order in the text. When referring to a monograph, it is necessary to indicate the chapter, paragraph etc. References to unpublished papers are not allowed.

The article must be signed by all authors. It is necessary to indicate organization from which the paper is sent, and e-mail.

Separately, the following information about authors should be presented: surname, name, and patronymic (competely), place of work, position, home or work address, telephones, e-mail.

See an example of a paper at in the section “Mathematical Journal”

Address of Editorial office: Institute of Mathematics, Pushkin str., 125, Almaty, 480100, Kazakhstan, tel. +7 (3272) 911904.