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103, Turghut Ozal Street, Almaty, Kazakstan 480090
tel +7 (3272) 400908, 404464, 403940

P.h.D (candidate of Technical sciences) Vyacheslav Alekseevich YUGAI is the President

P.h.D (candidate of Technical sciences) Klara Umurzakovna KUNAKOVA is the Rector

Nina Gennadyievna KLIMOVA is the Administrator and registrar


Faculties and departments, chairs, Masterís degree programmes and Postgraduate Studies


Theory of Translation

10.02.20 comparative - historical, typological and comparative linguistics

10.02.01 - Russian Language

13.00.02 - Theory and Methodology of Teaching Kazakh Language

10.02.04 - Germanic Languages

10.02.19 - General Linguistics, Sociologuistics, Psycholinguistics


Almaty Institute of Language and Translation (AIL&T) is a non-state higher education institution. It was founded in 1993 and has the State license BM Ļ 0000193.

In 1998 AIL&T passed successfully the State Attestation and its license was prolonged till 2003.

AIL&T has the following specialities:

021440 Translation / Interpretation,

021540 Foreign Philology: two foreign languages,

031940 Foreign Language: two foreign languages,

030740 Kazakh Language and Literature, foreign language,

030940 Russian Language and Literature, foreign language,

091140 Publishing Business and Editing,

091240 Documentation Business and Management

AIL&T faculty includes qualified and experienced teachers, among them 7 doctors and 25 P.h.D.


Beniamin Semenovich MUCHNIK - Ph.D. in Philology, Prof., 10.02.01, Russian.

A man and a text. Principles of culture of writing. - M, 1985, a printerís sheet.

Culture of written speech. The formation of the stylistic thinking. - M, 1994, 13 printerís sheets.

Basic stylistics and editing. Rostov-on-Don, 1997, a printerís sheet.

Nursulu Dzamalbekovna SHAIMERDENOVA - Ph.D. in Philology, Prof. 10.02.01. - Russian, 10.02.20 - Comparative, historical and typological philology.

Glosses as the text phenomenon - A., 1997, 156 pages.

The problem of glossís author Ship. - A., 1997 // Vestnik KazGU.

The communication character of glosses. - Poznan, 1999.

Eleonora Dyusenovna SULEIMENOVA - Ph. D. in Philology, Prof., 10.02.19 - General linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics.

The notion of meaning in modern linguistics. Monography - 1989, 8,2 printerís sheets.

The Kazakh and Russian languages - The principles of comparative linguistics, Alma-Ata, 1992, First edition, Second edition - 1996, 12 printerís sheets.

Zinaida Kakbaevna SABITOVA - Ph.D. in Philology, Assistant Prof., 10.02.01 - Russian, 10.02.20. - Comparative, historical, typological linguistics.

Monocompound sentences in modern Russian - 1995, 6 p. sheets.

The problems of monocompound sentences theory. - A., 1994, 4 p. sheets.

The category of certainty and uncertainty in Old Russian, - A., 1999 - 10 p.sheets.

Kulai Baimendinovna ZHAKSILIKOVA - Ph.D. in Pedagogics, Assistent Prof., 13.00.02. - Methodology of the Kasakh language teaching.

Some problems of teaching Russian speaking students Kazakh Monography.

The category of purpose and their functions in teaching Kazakh // Report at the international conference - A., 1997.

Klara Umurzakovna KUNAKOVA - P.h.D., 13.00.02 - theory and methodology of teaching Russian, is rector of AIL&T.

Organization of phraseological material at the middle level (6 form). // Russian and Literature in Kazakh school, 1995, No. 1, 2.

About minimum of phrazeological knowledge and skills. // Russian and Literature in Kazakh school, 1997, No 9,10.

State standard of teaching for Russian. (co-aurthor). - A., 1998. - 3 p.sheets.

Tatyana Ivanovna BLAGOCHINNOVA - P.h.D., Senior Lecturer, 10.02.01 - Russian, is prorector in education of work.

Laboratory Work in Modern Russian Syntax. - Almaty, 1989. - 62 p. (co-author).

Corrective Course of the Russian Language. - Almaty, 1997. - 240 p. (co- author).

The Concept if Secondary Predicativity in the Light of Syntactical Theory of I. A.Sedelnikov // Language Problems in Modern Scientific Paradigm. - Pavlodar, 1998.

Vasiliy Timofeevich KOVALCHUK - P.h.D., Philology Assistant Prof., 10677 - theory of linguistics.

The problem of the word and its meaning. // Principles of description of lexical and phrazeological levels of Russian - Frunz, 1985.

Outlook aspects of teaching Grammar // Improvement of training Russian and Literature teaches of national school. - Frunze, 1986.

What is Grammar? - Frunze, 1990.

Svetlana Nikolaevna KIM - P.h.D., philology, Assistant Prof., 10.02.04 - German languages.

Corrective phonetic course of German, A, 1995.

Wortahkentuierusp, Zn: Fremdsprache Deutsch, Helf 1, Munhen, 1995.

Kasachisch. Zn: Phonetik International. Poop Verlap, Munhen, 2000.

Mari Kamalovna KARMISOVA - P.h.D., philology, Prof., FL Ļ 012785 - Comparative and typological linguistics, theory of translation.

Teaching writing of the students of language institutes. - A., 1992, 2,3 p. sheets.

Standard programmes for oral and written speeches of foreign languages. - A, 1997 -1999 (co-author), - 9,5 p.sheets.

About the linguistical and area studies aspect in teaching foreign faithful communication // Language and culture. - A, 1998.

Zauresh Zhumabaevna AUKHADIEVA - P.h.D., Assistant Prof., 10.02.04 - German languages. 10.02.02. Modern Kazakh.

Specific character of dynamic Spatial relations in German. // Collection of scientific articles on linguistics and teaching foreign languages, 1998.

Practical course of translation of German, Part 1,2, A., 1998.

State standard of translation science for higher education, 2000.