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142 D.Kunaev st., Almaty, 480100
Tel: +7(3272) 91-58-08, 91-64-73, 91-57-03, Fax: +7(3272) 91-57-22
E-mail: orgcat@nursat.kz

Prof. Dr. of chemistry, academician of NAS RK Murat Zhurinovich ZHURINOV is the Director of the Institute
tel: 91-68-04, 91-58-08, fax: 91-57-22,
E-mail: orgcat@nursat.kz

Prof. Dr. of chemistry Kusman Dosumovich DOSUMOV is the Deputy Director
tel: 91-64-73, fax: 91-57-22
E-mail: orgcat@nursat.kz

Prof. Dr. of chemistry Alima Kainekeevna ZHARMAGAMBETOVA is the Deputy Director
tel: 91-57-03, fax: 91-57-22, e-mail: alima@nursat.kz

Ph.D.(candidate of chemistry) Dina Khamidovna CHURINA is the Scientific secretary
tel: 91-60-42, fax: 91-57-22, e-mail: orgcat@nursat.kz;


There are 10 laboratories at the Institute.

1. Laboratory of Organic Catalysis

2. Laboratory of Adsorption & Catalysis

3. Laboratory of Homogeneous Catalysis

4. Laboratory of Oxidation

5. Laboratory of Catalytic Synthesis

6. Laboratory of Physical Methods of Catalyst Investigation

7. Laboratory of Catalyst Technology

8. Laboratory of Petrochemistry

9. Laboratory of Superpure Metals

10.Laboratory of Electrochemistry


Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry (IOCE) was founded on December 1, 1969 by academician Dmitrii V.Sokolskii and now it is a main, leading scientific Institute on catalysis in Kazakhstan. In 1987 Institute was named after academician Sokolskii D.V.


New advanced technologies based on the development of theory of prediction of the catalytic and electrochemical reactivity of metals, clusters and semi-conductors.

New technologies of oil and natural gas processing .

Technology of extracting noble metals from secondary raw materials and spent catalysts.

Development of effective catalysts for processes of hydrogenation, alkylation, isomerization, oil refining, petrochemical synthesis, hydration, hydrodesulphurization, oxidation, synthesis based on acetylene, olefins, PH3, P, H2S, COx, CH4, and other small molecules and natural gas.

Synthesis of pheromones, biologically active compounds, pharmaceuticals.

Environmental protection. Development of catalysts-neutralizers for cleaning industrial and vehicle waste gases.

Development of methods of production of pure and superpure ferrous, non-ferrous and noble metals; and effective solar energy converter.


Prof., Dr. 02.00.05 - “electrochemistry”, academician of NAS RK, Murat Zhurinovich ZHURINOV is the Director of the Institute.

Scope of research interests: Electrosynthesis of biologically active compounds on the base of natural products.


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“ Chemistry of ephedrine alkaloids”. Alma-Ata, “Nauka” Kaz SSR, 1989

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Prof., Dr, academician of NAS RK, Gaukhar Daulenovna ZAKUMBAEVA, is the Honorary Director of the Institute, a head of the LABORATORY OF ADSORPTION & CATALYSIS, , 02.00.15 - “catalysis”, 02.00.13-“petrochemistry”, 02.00.05 - “electrochemistry”.

Scope of research interests:

Multifunctional catalyst for one-step hydrorefining and hydroisomerization of diesel fuel. (S content after cleaning - less than 0.05%).

One-step catalytic process of ethylene production from liquefied petroleum gas. LPG conversion is 94-99%; low coke-formation and no acetylene in the reaction products.

Syntheses on the base of carbon oxides with production of valuable organic compounds.

Reforming of C7-C9-n-paraffins.


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Prof., Dr Kusman DOSUMOV is the Deputy director of the Institute, a head of the LABORATORY OF OXYDATION, 02.00.15 - “catalysis”, 02.00.13 - “petrochemistry”

Scope of research interests:

Incomplete oxidation of natural and casing-head gases into valuable chamicals (formaldehyde, ethylene, propylene, alcohols).

Catalysts for cleaning industrial waste gases from CO, NOx and organic compounds.

Extraction of noble metals from spent catalysts


K.Dosumov, N.M.Popova, A.K.Umbetkaliev. The Extraction of Pt and Pd from supported over Al2O3 Spent Catalysts Using Alternating Current. Eurasian Chem.Tech.Journal, 2000, v.2, N1, p.107-111.

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G.A.Savelieva, S.A.Tungatarova, N.M.Popova, K.Dosumov etc. Partial oxidative conversion of C1-C3 - alkanes of natural and oil casing-head gases to formaldehyde and C2-C3-olefins. Novosti Nauki Kazakhstana, 1998, v.4, p.21-23.

Prof. Dr Alima Kainekeevna ZHARMAGAMBETOVA is the Deputy director of the Institute, a head of the Laboratory of Organic Catalysis, 02.00.15 - “catalysis”. The second higher education - English teacher (Diploma).

Scope of research interests:

Stereoselective hydrogenation of complex acetylene compounds. Catalytic synthesis of pest-insect pheromones (cutworm, cotton worm and etc.)

Development of nanoscale supported catalysts based on polymer-metal complexes for hydrocarbon oxidation in mild conditions.


A.Zharmagambetova, B.Selenova, S.Mukhamedzhanova, I.Kurmanbaeva. Design of Nanosized polymer-Pd catalysts for Hydrogenation. Eurasian Chem.-Tech.Journal, 2000, v.2, N 1, p.17-21.

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Nelly Askarovna ZAKARINA - Prof., Dr, a head of LABORATORY OF PETROCHEMISTRY, 02.00.13 - “petrochemistry, 02.00.15 - “ catalysis”, 02.00.05 - “electrochemistry.

Scope of research interests:

Development and synthesis of zeolite-containing catalysts for cracking of kerosene gas-oil fractions.

Development of zeolite-containing catalysts for isomerisation of n-paraffins.

Design of catalysts based on Kazakhstan natural clays for

hydroisomerization and reforming (Conversion of n-hexane in

hydroisomerization is 39.9%, isomer selectivity - 99,3% at 3500C and 1   atm).


- N.A.Zakarina, Ju.M.Arinkin, G.V.Akulova. Electrochemical and

chemical treatment of metal surface as a back ground for preparation of

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clay based active and thermostable modifired zeolite catalysts for

hydrocarbones cracking. Izvestiya MS-AS RK, chem., 1998, N1, p.48-53.

Gulshara Seitzhanovna POLIMBETOVA - Prof., Dr., a head of LABORATORY OF HOMOGENEOUS CATALYSIS, 02.00.15 - “catalysis”.

Scope of research interests:

Development of new low-temperature eco-friendly catalytic syntheses of valualble organophosphorus compounds from low-valence inorganic phosphorus compounds.

Development of catalysts based on local Kazakhstan minerals for synthesis of methyltretbutyl ether (MTBE).


G.S.Polimbetova, R.R.Abdreimova, F.Kh.Faizova. Catalytic Synthesis of organophosphorus compounds from inorganic derivatives of low. Eurasian Chem-Tech.Journal, 2000, v.2, p.21-27

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Alma Tulegenovna MASSENOVA - candidate of chem.sci,, a head of LABORATORY OF CATALITYC SYNTHESIS, 02.00.15 - “catalysis”

Scope of research interests:

Alkylation of aromatic compounds (benzene, toluene, phenol) by olefins on zeolite catalysts.

Hydrogenation of aromatic nitro-compounds and hydrocarbons on supported bimetallic catalysts on the basis of VIII Group Metals.

Production of lanolin from sheep wool fat and extraction of stearin alcohols from lanolin


L.R.Sassykova, D.Sh.Kassenova, A.T.Massenova, F.B.Bizhanov. Chromatographic analysis of nitrocompounds and products of its reduction. Journal of Applied Chemistry, 1998, v.71, N8, p.1401-1403.

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A.T.Massenova, L.R.Sassykova. Hydrogenation of aromatic nitrocompounds on supported mono- and bimetallic catalysts. Eurasian Chem-Tech. Journal, 2000,v.2, N 1, p.101-105.

Shamil Abzalovich GILMUNDINOV, a head of LABORATORY OF CATALYSTS TECHNOLOGY, 02.00.15 - “catalysis”

Scope of research interests:

Development of catalytic neutralizers for combine cleaning of vehicle exhaust from NOx, CO, CHx, etc.

Catalyst testing and production (catalytic neutralizers, for oil refining and petrochemistry catalysts).


G.D.Zakumbaeva, Sh.A.Gilmundinov etc. Selective reduction of nitric oxide by propylene on metallic catalysts. Capoc 4, 1997, Belgium, Brussels.

G.D.Zakumbaeva, Sh.A.Gilmundinov etc. Selective reduction of NO by propylene on metallic catalysts. European Congress on Environment and Peace, Turkey, 1997.

Margarita Borisovna DERGACHEVA - Prof., Dr, a head of LABORATORY OF LECTROCHEMISTRY, 02.00.05 - “electrochemistry”, 02.00.04 - “phyzical chemistry”

Scope of research interests:

Electrochemistry of semiconductors, platting of CdS, CdTe,

CdxHg(1-x)Te, CuInSe2 semiconductor composites

Electrochemical modification of semiconductors’ surfaces

Thermodynamics of mercury alloys.


B.Dergacheva, V.N.Statsyuk, L.A.Fogel. Mutual influence of Te(IV), Hg(II) ions at the electroreduction on carbonglass electrode. Zhurnal Obshei Khimii, 2000, N 5, p.675-681

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Boris Yurievich NOGERBEKOV - candidate of chem. sci. a head of LABORATORY OF superpurity METALS, 02.00.05 - “ electrochemistry”

Scope of research interests:

Development of environmentally friendly electrochemical processes of selective extracting , concentrating and refining platinum and other noble metals.

Investigation of thermodynamic, physical and chemical properties of noble metal alloys.


B.Yu.Nogerbekov, A.A.Nikitin etc. Extracting of Pt from utilized oil industrial catalysts of reforming. Abstracts of Intern.Conf. “Problems of Catalysis of XXI Century”, Almaty, 2000

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Larisa Borisovna SHAPOVALOVA - Dr 02.00.15 - “catalysis”, head research scientist,.

Scope of research interests:

C1 - Chemistry.


L.B.Shapovalova, G.D.Zakumbaeva. Structure and properties of Ru-Mn supported on Al2O3 catalysts of Fisher-Tropsh synthesis. Petrochemistry, 2000, v.40, N 3, p.174-180

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