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637034, Pavlodar, 64, Lomova Street
Tel. +7(3182)451224 fax 45 11 10

Prof. Dr of Economics Yerlan Mukhtaruly ARYN is the Rector
tel.+7 (3182)451224, fax 45-11-10,

Prof. Dr of Biology Kudaibergenovich Zhasulan SHAYMARDANOV is the First Vice-Rector
tel./fax .+7 (3182)45-11-18,

Prof. Dr of Chemistry Altynbek NUKHULY is the Vice-Rector on Science and International Affairs
tel./fax .+7 (3182)45-11-23

Candidate of Science (Economics), Docent Valentina Pavlovna SHELOMENTSEVA is the Vice-Rector on Studies
tel. .+7 (3182)45- 00-92,

Candidate of Science (History) Rosa Zhumabayevna KADYSOVA is the Vice-Rector on Education and Social Issues
tel. .+7 (3182) 45-09-11,

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent Bari Gazizovich ZHANAKHUTDINOV is the Vice-Rector on Administration and Logistics
tel. .+7 (3182) 45-11-21,

Candidate of Technical Sciences Raissa Mukhamedzharovna MUSTAFINA is the Secretary of the Learned Council
tel. .+7 (3182) 45-05-36 fax .+7 (3182) 45-11-18 ì


Learned Council.

Personnel department.

Finances and Auditing department.

Clerical department.

Military -mobilization office and civil defence headquarters.

Typing bureau.


Military department.

Preparatory courses and basic classes.

Council on Studies and Teaching Methods.

School-lyceum at the PSU named after S.Toraygirov.

Studies and Teaching Methods Union.

Coordination center for languages development.

Studies department.

Controller service.

Correspondence education department.

Studies and Teaching Methods department for Correspondence education.

Department of International Affairs, Personnel Training and Research.

Theoretical and practical center of the spiritual and moral education issues.

United archeological scientific and research center.

Scientific and research Institute of environmental monitoring.

Scientific and research Institute of linguocultural studies and sociolinguistics.

Scientific and research Institute of healthy lifestyle.

Scientific and research Institute of history, literature and culture of the region.

Scientific and research Institute of construction.

Scientific and research Institute of power engineering.

Scientific and research Institute of machine building and metallurgy.

Scientific and research Institute of higher education issues.

Scientific and research Institute of economics and management of the region.

Editing and publishing office.

Center of computer technologies.

Dissertation councils on dissertation defence for candidate’s degree in biological and technical sciences in the following scientific fields: 03.00.19 “Parasitology”, 05.09.03 “Electrotechnical complexes and systems, including their control and regulation”, 05.13.07 “Automation of technological processes and production”.

Scientific library.

Editing and publishing council.

Institute of improvement of qualification for educational and industrial workers.

Public organizations, Committee on youth issues.

Trade Union.



Editor’s office of the University’s newspaper “Bilik”.

Medical room.


Department of technical service.


Sports camp “University”

Sports complex.

Swimming pool.

Dormitory # 1.

Dormitory # 2.

Humanities Institute:

Kazakh philology department,

Russian philology department,

English language department,

Music and singing department,

Pedagogics and psychology department,

German language department,

Practical Kazakh language department.

Natural history Institute:

Biology department,

Chemistry department,

Department of theory and methods of physical education and sports,

Mathematics and informatics department,

Physics department,

History and geography department,

Training workshops on planning and arrangement of the campus’s territory,

Physical education department.

Power Engineering and Automation Institute:

Electric power production and distribution department,

Steam electric stations and theoretical heat engineering department,

Automation of technological processes and electric drive department,

Computer systems of information processing and applied mathematics,

Training workshops on heat-and-power engineering and equipment maintenance

Economics and Law Institute:

Auditing and finance department,

Economics and management department,

Social sciences department.

Construction, Transport and Machine building Institute:

Industrial and civil engineering department,

Municipal construction and architecture department,

Chemical technologies department,

Technology and equipment of machine building department,

Transport machine building department,

Training workshops on:

construction and machine building,

Driving training center,

Tractor building and automobiles department,

Internal combustion engines and traffic organization department.

Correspondence education department


1960-opening of the Pavlodar Industrial Institute

1962- opening of the Pavlodar Pedagogical Institute

1992- the Pavlodar Industrial Institute was the first of the Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions to be transformed into the State Technical University named after S. Toraigyrov

1994- the Pablodar State Technical University named after S. Toraigyrov was transformed into the Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov

1995- the Pavlodar State University merged in the Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov


Environment protection and rational use of natural resources;

Social linguistics and linguistic cultural studies;

Research of the north-east region of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Problems of the economy of the region;

Training of staff in the new economic conditions;

Problems of functioning of the higher education institution managements system;

Power engineering;


Machine building and machine studies;

New information technologies in education;

Healthy lifestyle formation;


Biological diversity of the Bayanaul national park;

Spiritual and moral education;


E.M. Aryn, Prof., Dr of Economics, is the Rector, “Economy and national economy management” 08.00.05; Papers: Export orientation of the national economy; PostSoviet Central Asia: strategy and priorities of the economic development; New Kazakhstan: 5 years of independent development.

Zh.K. Shaymardanov, Prof., Dr of Biology, “Gelmintology parasitology” 03.00.19, is the First Vice-Rector.

Papers: Ultrastructure organization of the intestinal epithelium Pneumonoeces varigatus; Observation on the histochemistry of eggshell formation in Hypoderaeum and Liorchis scotiae; Morphological of the vitelline cells of adult Dicrocoelium lanceatum.

A. Nukhuly, Prof., Dr of Chemistry, “Physical chemistry” 02.00.04, is the Vice-Rector on Science and International Affairs.

Papers: Thermodynamics of unithiol and unithiol complexes of ð- è d- metals; Thermal chemistry of unithiol complexes of mercury (II) in water solution; Research of complex-forming capacity of unithiol.

A.K. Karakayev, Candidate of technical sciences, docent, “Heat engines” 05.04. 02., is the Director of Scientific and Research Institute,


Improvement of prospective fuel systems with hydraulic and hydromechanical control of injectors for multi-purpose diesel engines with the aim of increase of fuel economy and fuel equipment resources;

Pulverizing jet with nozzle holes on the locking cone;

Elaboration and improvement of prospective fuel systems of diesel engines;

V.F. Khatsevskij, Candidate of technical sciences, docent, “Electric thermal processes and installations” 05. 09. 10, is the department head,


Increase of effectiveness of power consuming enterprises functioning;

Modernization of asynchronous electric drive with rheostatic control;

Automated system of control and diagnostics of electric furnaces.

B.B. Utegulov, Prof., Dr of technical sciences “Safety precautions and fire defence” 05.26.01, is the department head,

Papers: Research of conditions and increase of electric safety when operating electric installations 6 kV at coal open-casting

Candidate’s degree thesis)

Theory development, elaboration of methods and means for increase of the efficiency of electric-power systems of mining enterprises (Dr’s degree thesis); Nomogram for determination of admissible power loss in the countryside power supply mains;

G.M. Nikitin Prof., Dr of Technical sciences, “Metallurgy” 05.16.02,

Papers: Calculation of the degree of transformation of iron oxides when regenerating KIMS; Blast -furnace smelting of agglomerates from LGMK; Estimation of reactivity of ore.

A.P. Kislov Candidate of Technical sciences, docent, “Electric technology”, 05.09.10, is the Director of Institute,

Papers: Elaboration of cryoresistant installations with external magnetic circuits for heating aluminum blanks (Candidate’s degree thesis); Analysis of efficiency of the use of cryogenic cooling in induction heaters; Analysis of the use of induction heating in forge-and-press production;

V.P. Shelomentseva Candidate of Economic sciences, docent, “Economy and national economy management (in branches)”, 08.00.05, “Economic sociology”, 22.00.03, is the Vice-Rector on Studies.

Papers: New system of economy management;

Technical reequipment and self-financing of enterprises; Anti-expenses mechanism of the investment process.

K.Sh. Aryngazin Candidate of Technical sciences, docent, “Systems of automation of design (construction)”, 05. 13. 12, department head,

Papers: Elaboration of the method of automated design of three-dimensional arrangements of construction objects;

Methods of increase of the efficiency of the system of the optimal three-dimensional arrangement of technologic equipment in many-storied industrial buildings; Technology of automated design of three-dimensional arrangements of factories on storage and processing of grain.

A.I. Glazyrin, Prof., Dr of Technical sciences, “Heat-and-power engineering”, 05. 14. 04, department head.

Papers: Water-and -chemical regimes of steam electric stations and boiler rooms of industrial enterprises;

Long-term preservation of the equipment of the units functioning in the neutral oxygen regime;

Increase of reliability of boiler equipment functioning with use of internal power resources (Doctor’s dissertation thesis).

K.K. Akhmetov Candidate of biologic sciences, docent, “Gelmintology, parasitology ”, 03.00.20, is the Director of Institute.

Papers: Functional peculiarities of the external covers of trematodes; Functional morphology of yellow cells of some kinds of trematodes; A histochemical study of vitelline cells and eggshell.

B.Kh. Shaymardanova Candidate of biological sciences, docent, Gelmintology, parasitology ”, 03.00.19, department head .

Papers: Localization of the habitat of ground molluscs; Trematode Gorgoderina Orientalis: ultrastructure of yellow cells; Micromorphology and Histochemistry of Vitelline Cells in Pegosomum Saginatum.

V.O. Voloshin Prof., Dr of technical sciences, “Devices and methods of control of the environment, substances, materials and items”05.11.13.

Papers: Influence of neutron irradiation on electric physical properties of narrow-zone semiconductors; Radioisotope level indicator.

M. Ya. Kletsel Prof., Dr of technical sciences, “Power stations (electric section), mains, electric energetic systems and their control ”05.14.02.

Papers: Method of protection against corroding shorting; Current protection device; Reserve protection of power lines.

S.K. Yelmuratov Candidate of technical sciences, docent, “Construction mechanics”

01.02. 03, department head,

Papers: Construction testing;

Research of the dynamics of plates and shells with combined loading; Computer-based numeric methods of calculation of plates and sloping shells.

T.T. Toktaganov Prof., Candidate of technical sciences, “Automobiles and tractors”

05.05.03, department head,

Papers: Device for friction clutch locking; Modeling of dynamic processes in double disc tractor when starting its engine.

Zhusip Kuandyk Pazululy, Prof., Dr of philological sciences, “Kazakh literature” 10.01.02, department head,.

Papers: The eternal word of poetry;

The style and system of images of the Kazakh lyrics; The power of literature.