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191, Abay av., 480064, Almaty,
Phone: 46-97-50

Prof. Dr of technical science Skanderbek U. JOLDASBEKOV is the general director

Ph.-D. (phys.-math) Arlop K. AHMETOV is the deputy gen. director

Ph.-D. Nutpulla K. JAMALOV is the deputy gen. director, scientific secretary



Department of scientific and technical services of development machinery construction,

Design and technological department,

Department of special machinery construction (service of special technique section),

Department of marketing and leasing,

Experimental technological department,

Department of certification and standardization,


Financial-law department,

General department,

Department of material and technical supply


Inter -branch Scientific and Technological Center “Machinery construction” has been founded by the Resolution ¹2 of January, 3, 1998, of the Government of the RK.

Has been transferred to Ministry of Economics and Trade of the RK by the Resolution ¹161 of January, 31, 2001, of Government of RK.


Science of machine and machinery construction.


Skanderbek U. JOLDASBEKOV, Prof. Dr of technical science, general director (05.02.18 “Theory of mechanisms and machines”, science of machine and machinery construction)

1. Modular Synthesis of Spatial Manipulating Devices of High classes. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on CAD/CAM Robots and Factories of the Future- Niddlesex University, London. England, 1996.

2. Kinematics of Spatial Mechanisms of High Classes. Proceedings of the 7-th International Machine Design and Production Conference. Ankara, Turkey, 1996.

3. Actual problems of theory of plane and spatial linkages. Proc. of First Republic Congress on theoretical and applied mechanics. Almaty, Republic of Kazahstan. October, 9-11, 1996

Sayat M. IBRAYEV, Prof. Dr of technical science, leading scientific employee (05.02.18 “Theory of mechanisms and machines”, science of machine and machinery construction)

1. Synthesis of Walking Vehicles Leg Mechanisms with Decoupled Foot-Point Motion. Proc of Tenth IFToMM World Congress on TMM, Oulu, Finland,1999, Vol.3, 1188-1195.

2. Some Comparisoms of Least-Square and Chebyshev Approximation Techniques. Zeitschrift fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik. Annual ÁÀÌÌ Int. Conf., 1999, France, Metz.

3. Synthese von hoehergliedrigen Koppelgetrieben.- Verarbeitungsmaschinen und Verpackungstechnik, Tagungsband, Dresden 2000, s.270-280.

Nutpulla K. JAMALOV, Ph.-D. deputy gen. director, scientific secretary, (05.02.02. “Robots, manipulators and robotics systems”, science of machine and machinery construction)

1. Optimization synthesis of adjustable mechanism for generation of family of Ã-form trajectories,

2. On one method of identification assemblies of mechanisms of high classes. Proc. of the International Conference “Mechanisms of variable structure and vibroimpact machines”, Bishkek, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, October, 4-5,1999, p.38-48.

3. Analytic synthesis of cartesian manipulators. “Vestnik KazGU”, series of mathematics, mechanics, computer science, ¹2(25), 2001, p.74-79.