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480004, Republic of Kazakhstan,9, Naurisbay Batyr str., Almaty,
tel. 394-865, 326-610, 325-400 fax: +7 (3272)329-308,
e-mail: atso@nursat.kz http://www.kazatso.dgstudios.com

Prof. PhD in history Musa Suleimenovich BESBAEV is the President
tel., 394865 e-mail: atso@nursat.kz http://www.kazatso.dgstudios.com

PhD in biology Bayan Musaevna BESBAEVA is the Rector
tel., 327-898; e-mail: atso@nursat.kz http://www.kazatso.dgstudios.com

PhD in economics Aleksey Alekceevich ZUIKOV is the Head of Academic Council
tel., 394865


The Academy includes

5 departments (academic): economic, law, oriental studies, social and humanitarian, international.

8 chairs: Economics, Finance and Credit, International Economic Relations, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Social and Humanitarian, Foreign Languages and Linguistic disciplines, Oriental Studies.

Administrative departments: Administrative, Human Resources, Studies department, Economic, Research, Marketing, International and Public Relations, Law Department, Students’ Department, Pedagogical Department.

Academy of Labour and Social Relations has 2 branches in the cities of Uralsk and Taldy-Korgan and Almaty College of Economics and Law.


Kazak Academy of Labour and Social Relations was founded in 1994 and became one of the first non-governmental institutions of higher education.

Initially, there were only 2 departments - law and economics that trained students in 3 different specialization.

M.S. Besbaev, a well-known scientist and public figure, became the first head of the Academy and is the founder of the Association of Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Nowadays, the Academy trains specialists in 9 specialties at 5 departments. It has good material and technical basis, rich library, computer labs, also, deep study of foreign languages is one of the academic priorities.

Academy collaborates with international educational institutions, particularly with Samarkand University, Civic Education Project (CEP) and others.


Members of the academic staff are carrying out research in the following areas:

Philosophical, historic and cultural, and social and political problems of development of


Sociological and methodological problems of education.

Cultural genesis of the countries of Central Asia, Iran and Far East.

Topical problems of civil and criminal legislation development of the Republic of


Integration of Kazakhstan into international economic and information area.

Restructuring of Kazakhstan bank and finance system.

Professional orientation in teaching foreign languages in non-linguistic universities.


Musa Suleimenovich BESBAEV, Prof. PhD in History, president of Kazakh Academy of Labour and Social Relations, specialization in national history.


Brotherhood of Nations, published in1983,

International upbringing in labour groups, in 1979,

The Cossacks on Kazach Land, in1992.

Nurilya Zhaksybekovna SHAHANOVA, PhD, head of the Oriental Studies Department, specialization in philosophy anthropology and philosophy culture, code - 09.00.13.


The Kazakhs’ world of traditional culture, published in 1998.

Essential Kazakh Grammar(in collaboration), published in 2000.

Bayan Musaevna BESBAEVA, PhD in Biology, specialization in biotechnology, code - 03.00.04, rector of Kazakh Academy of Labour and Social Relations.


Molybdenum ferment of the wheat and molybdenum cofactor. Herald of biochemists

Conference of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Ashgabat, 1986.

Domain HP from the wheat containing molybdenum cofactor and molybdenum.

Microbiological Congress. Cheboksary, 1986.

The methods of getting molybdenum cofactor. Inventor’s certificate #1520097, 1989.

Educational process and pedagogical skills. Herald of Kazakh Academy of Labour and Social Relations. #1, 2001

Kanash Mukambaevich BELGIBAEV, Prof. PhD in Economics, specialization - economics and management in national economy, code - 08.00.05


Economics of the agrarian sector. Almaty, 2000.

Problems of price formation on the investment and food markets.

Problems of forming the market relations in the Republic of Kazakstan. AEM, 2000

3. Theoretical and practical aspects of agricultural enterprises adaptation to the market economy.

Legislative tendencies and particularities of social and economic relations development in the country with market orientation. AEM, 2001

Larisa Pavlovna KORNILOVA, PhD in Economics, specialization - finance , currency and credit, code - 08.00.10, head of Finance and Credit department.


1. Problems of banks credibility estimation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Published in

“Herald of Turan University”, 1999.

Bank risks management. Textbook “Banking”, Almaty, 1998

4. Paradigms of fraud in finance system in Kazakhstan. Kazakstan and world community.

Almaty, 2001.

Sattar Mukanovich RAKHMETOV, PhD in Law, assistant Prof., specialization - criminal law and criminology; criminal and executive law, code - 12.00.08. Head of the Criminal and Legal Disciplines department.


1. Crime estimation. (in collaboration) Almaty, 1999.

2. Criminal Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The General Part. (in collaboration)

Almaty, 1999.

3. Criminal Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Particular Part. (in collaboration)

Almaty, 2000.

Saule Auekenovna ZHAKISHEVA, PhD in History, assistant Prof., specialization - national history.


Applying multimedia technologies in historic science. (in collaboration) New information

resources and technologies in historical researches and in education. M., 2000.

>From the history of elite elimination from Kazakh auls at the end of 1920s. Published in “Herald of Kazakh Academy of Labour and Social Relations”, #1, 2000.

Historical information science in the education of a historian.

Kazakhstan - 10 years of Independence: results, problems and prospects. Almaty, 2001.